Morning sun

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“What does it mean to become a father for the first time? How will everything change, what will the days look like and what will be the new routine?

The intriguing part before going through all of this is the relationship with the partner. The appreciation of her, every point of her body that is con-stantly changing, but also staying the same. Something familiar that is developing. There is also the fear of the unknown.
I like the changes. I like the look and the feel of it. And the constant reminder that it is her who is important.

Maja, my love.” – Matej Sitar




“[…]The book is a succession of small moments with different levels of concentration. We stay beside him staring at a detail of Maja’s body with the fascination of the changes of her forms, and then, we run outside with little bashfulness. It takes nine months to give birth and the changes of seasons work as a metaphor of the cycle of life.[…]
[…]One of the quality of the book is that it does not show us any chronology, it is all mixed up. We do not begin with a pregnancy test, neither end with the birth. When I was talking about a diary, it has more to do with feelings than with facts, except for a few photographs showing Maja’s belly, we would not even notice about her pregnancy and the changes that means for a couple. The book is about Matej’s love emphasized by his feelings.[…]” – from the book review by Christer Ek

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6 reviews for Morning sun

  1. Ilan Weiss

    Every time I try to start writing about the book I’m kind of speechless. I really can’t translate how images make me feel, i guess that’s why i’m a photogrpaher myself.
    I really like it. There is all this light and beauty. I feel like I’m somewhere calm, with lots of nature around. There is birth coming, and it feels plenty of hope and love.

  2. Noemi Conesa

    I see this book as a tribute to the girl who is expecting her first child and a review of places and landscapes with the idea already in mind that soon they will be shared by a third person in the relationship. Delicate photos of a very intimate landscape.

  3. Amani Willett

    In “Morning Sun,” Matej Sitar assembles a collection of thoughtful, poetic images that consider the changes in his life that fatherhood will being. It brings to life his tender and loving relationship with his wife in refreshing ways.

  4. Rudolf Strobl

    How can you deal with becoming a father? Matej Sitar’s book MORNING SUN gives you a feeling for the inner world, that might be turned upside down in a few weeks. No text accompanies the series and no text is necessary. The photographs themselves are strong and let you understand exactly what you are looking at.

    The design of the book conveys perfectly the atmosphere of the photographs. The sequencing of the pictures fits the topic and structures the book without being predictable.

    It is always hard to photograph a personal project without resorting to visual clichés and reproducing already existing formats or getting to close to the subject without making one step back to show what is happening around you. Sitar’s photographs are sensitive but also distant enough to introduce us to the broader sense of the book. I am no father but MORNING SUN gave me a glimpse of what it might mean to become a parent.

  5. Marianna Rothen

    Matej’s book is a beautiful delicate homage, celebrating his partner and their pregnancy. Deeply personal but also relatable to anyone who has experienced the complexities of relationship. A quiet book that is intensely moving.

  6. Gordan Sarson

    The book takes as on a poetic journey through Matej’s life that is going to be changed soon. Is he prepared, will everything be fine, is he going to fit in…? The book contains empty landscapes as places of contemplation, raindrops on window glass as moments in life to be left behind, emotionally stills of his partner, fear but the hope to. I really liked the narrative of the book.

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