Go To Become

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Go to Become Is a fictional record inspired by Lycanthropy telltales that take Barcelona night-club scene as the main stage, where for its clubbers, the use of alcohol, psychoactive substances and the beats of techno, are a way to achieve a basic state of being in which people is lead by their innermost instincts, like Werewolves.




“The idea of Transformation and the longing for a change to come in the aftermath of a great socio-economical crisis in Europe are key to the work, taking the story to a social point of view.

An entheogen, from Greek language, literally means “generating God within”

It is a psychoactive substance that induces a spiritual experience and traditionally have been used to supplement many diverse practices geared towards achieving transcendence.

But this transformation takes place only once a week, almost like an spiritual ritual in which its practitioners can escape from reality” – David Molina Gadea

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Dimensions 18 × 22 cm

David Molina Gadea




96 pages


Munken Lynx rough 120g


sewn open spine


silkscreen printed with silver colour



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3 reviews for Go To Become

  1. Margaret Lansink

    Thank you David for this beautiful and intriguing book.
    I can feel the struggle and the desire for a better world.
    The black-and-white images take me to a place where one can be himself during the glimmer of the moon.
    You have composed and finished the book with care and finesse and the sequence is intense and surprising.
    It is one of the books that I will regularly take in my hand to get inspired.
    X Margaret Lansink (Amsterdam)

  2. Sam McClatchy

    Mysterious and amorphous, the oneiric figures that populate David Molina Gadea’s “Go To Become” lend themselves to multiple interpretations. Juxtaposed against high contrast images of the sun and moon, they might conjure visions of alien humanoids in the thrall of some planetary event. Or the convulsing, moon-lit figures could serve equally as a lycanthropy metaphor. Much of the intent is left to the viewer’s imagination, which I welcome. But however the work is interpreted, this use of imagery that ranges from the personal to the celestial is effective and fascinating; and I have found myself returning to this book many times. The thick matte paper it’s printed on is both high quality and well suited to the presentation of the subject matter. I also was very fond of the releasable printed transparent slipcase the book came in. It was a novel idea that I hadn’t seen before. I would highly recommend this book and look forward to seeing both what David Molina Gadea and The Angry Bat will create in the future.

  3. Marie Sordat

    It is said that Go to Become speaks about Barcelona and becoming someone else ( a lycanthropic monster ? A better person ? ) in the city clubs. But when you open David Molina Gadea first book, you directly enter another planet, as black or white as the obsessive circle that figures on the cover and that rhythm the whole book. In that immersive world, there is no escape, no natural space, no air. The objet itself, with its particular editing such as repetitions, transparent layers, makes the viewer entering a dark tunnel – made of completely matte paper – where he will meet as much beauty as deformity on its way. This is why you won’t recognize the Catalan capital city, or the drug and alcohol abuses, across the pages of Go to Become, but instead you will encounter the darkest and paradoxically the brightest part of humans beings. Balancing, under the magic eye of David, between their ardent will for freedom and their own nocturnal prison.

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