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Nokturno is a concretization of the ambiguity of photography – photography that has renounced both a demand to be a truthful imitation of an objective external reality, as well as a demand for the projection of a creator’s inner experience on the object of representation. With this project, the photographer would like to encourage the viewers to think about their role in creating meaning through photography and particularly about the importance of the performative process in photography.


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“The series arose from an experience I had while camping in the middle of the forest. One night I went for a walk in complete darkness, only carrying a speedlight which I fired repeatedly to see where I was going. After the sharp flash revealed the forest for a brief split-second, I started perceiving my surroundings as a series of still pictures. The impression remained in my brain in the form of latent images. I was feeling as if I was walking through photographs! The next evening, I went for a walk again, this time with a speedlight, a camera and the mission to capture this experience on photographic film. I perceived the dark, nonvisible forest as an empty canvas to which I applied light, illuminating different forms and structures of the bushes, branches and trees. After working in such manner it became very obvious to me that I’m not taking a photo by a single release of the shutter, but by multiple gestures of applying and shaping light. I asked myself “what sort of other gestures could I make?” and from there on I focused my research into the process of making a photograph. ” – Andrej Lamut

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3 reviews for Nokturno

  1. Robert Clarke-Davis

    for someone whose primary language is english titles in other languages bring up associations due the cognates in those languages.

    NOCTURNE with the main variation of a “c” replacing the “k” i think peace, quiet, based on musical form. the romance of the darkening day.

    NOKTURNO with the title’s “k” i think f.w. murnau, nosferatu. light restrained. shadows looked at for hints, clarification. elusive glimpses.

    upon opening andrej lamut’s book, nokturno seems appropriate, the dark, foreboding glances. the attempt to situate myself.
    looking further there is an ambiguity, while the style may be more of murnau, the content is more questioning, they demand attention, their sequential placement, the gestures.

    NOCTURNE – again the “c” but now in english – comes to mind. those hours during the night when possibilities arise.

    a beautifully made book that reinforces the narrative of the images.

  2. Giles Cassels

    This book is amazing. It became increasingly unsettling, page by page by page, until I felt like I had been pulled into a nightmare. Just beautiful images, and so well edited, sequenced, and bound.

    Congrats, as ever, on your unfailing eye for good work and how to present it, and to Andrej for making such extraordinary images. I am impressed.

  3. Marianna Rothen

    A very dark, gritty haunting piece that is both modern and primal. This book reminds me of the Japanese works of Lieko Shiga or Daisuke Yokota. Here we have dream fragments sewn together, characters floating through the blackness ritualistic in their nature. Wonderfully printed and designed.

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